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Dokkan battle more item slots

Hey, What's up guys!
Prioritize Item Tiles, when tackling a stage, zoom out of the map first to see which path has the most loot.Blue here :wink: Today, I am going to make a Blog about where you can best farm the following support items: Senzu Beans, dende, ghost Usher, whis, hope you Guys will enjoy and Lets get Started!The game was released on July 16, 2015 for IOS as well as Android and the developers have constantly updated the game for more features and extra events to earn rewards.The higher rarity a card has, the better.If youre struggling on a specific level and cannot beat it, it just means that your team is not powerful enough at the moment so instead of using Dragon Stones you should spend more time training.Events: The Best Event to Farm Senzu Beans is on the "Fight Against Despair!This way, youll be able to collect the right orbs while attacking your foes.Move Roulette: During a battle, observe your move roulette and avoid keeping the same numbers on it as this will keep your options varied.If you want to get free dragon stone you just have to visit our dragon ball z dokkan battle hack.You start off with 20 character slots.I would suggest going after Awakening Items/ Dragon Balls Training Items Support Items / Witch Baba Zeni Power Up tile.You can farm much needed Awakening items, zeni, and training items from these events.Ki Spheres are there to pump your Ki Meter, which in turn will allow you to perform a Super Attack once filled.Normal (N Max level.
Super Super Rare (SSR Max level.
If your stamina is depleted, don't spend a Dragon Stone to recover.
If you need to choose between a normal Awakening Item vs a rare Training Item, get the higher rarity of course.
When picking up Ki orbs for your characters, always check if you can perform Ki bursts.
Battling allows the whole team to gain experience due to which they level up and become stronger.
Logging in consecutively will trigger a Chain Login Bonus which leads to better rewards, including free Dragon Stones.Transcended Ultra-Rare (UR Max level is 120.The game is not meant to be played in a marathon anyway so just wait it out and do something else.Best Way to Boost EXP.Usually 2 and 1 are recommended since these will mostly allow you to deliberately land on item tiles.When starting it, it's always tempting to blow your first 5 dragon stones on your first summon.Due to this you can take advantage of your characters link skills.Link Skills, to get the most out of your teammates, consider building a team with multiple members that can link with each other.During the intensive battle of Goku and Vegeta the dimension stars to distort, merging different time periods.Multi-Summon is the Way.Once you've saved at least 50 Dragon Stones, you should be able to perform a Multi-Summon.Some of them will just require you to complete the stages or defeat the characters themselves, regardless of difficulty.